In English 01

Göran Hemberg

Göran i Tvedestrand beskuren

A good storyteller wears no disguise. 
Whether he tells an epic tale or a life
he addresses his listeners in
person. T
makes him vulnerable. 
Having something to loose and still
be frank 
– that’s an oral storyteller’s


I’m a Swedish storyteller, well known for my epic performances of the Odyssey, the Gospel of Marc, the Hervarar Saga, Beowulf and others. I have performed at storytelling festivals in Europe, Canada and the Middle East.

Besides bringing our earliest cultural heritage to life, I also cultivate the art of transforming memories into stories. I have a background as practical philosopher, with a particular interest in matters of participation and democracy. This is mirrored in my workshops. The participants may, for example, learn how to transform their daily experiences into episodes in the story of their own lives. Or how to use stories in coming to grips with matters of common concern.

I have been chairman of the Network of Storytellers in Stockholm, worked with Fabula Storytelling Festival and taken the initiative to StorySlam, a playful competition in oral storytelling.

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